Off the Wagon!

This actually happened to me today:

The local police department had a booth at my company’s annual health and wellness fair.  They were handing out brochures about not drinking and driving (and I’m 1000% in favor of that!).

I say:             Thanks, but don’t need one.

Officer says:  Oh, you’re on the wagon? That’s great that you don’t drink.

I say:             Sorry officer, no sir, not exactly. I’m off the wagon. I don’t drive!

Hey, that would be a great name for a blog!

Set up like a bowling pin!

By the way, for my fan-base out there, I’m trading in my bike cleats (left) for river shoes (right) for the next three weeks while I row a raft down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. So no blog posts for a while, since no kind of technology works down there (and I hope it never does)!

Expect lots of fun posts when I get back though about other forms of non-motorized recreation!

4 thoughts on “Off the Wagon!”

  1. Hey Trail Slayer, great Website!

    Shreding trails by bike ist definately the next step in evolution. Have a great rafting trip!

    Right on!

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