Mid-Life Crisis?

Mid-Life. Does it have to be a crisis?

What if it was more like a half-time at a football game? Time to regroup, think, get motivated, and get a plan for improving your game.

Nothing helps you think better than spending a long time on a bike, except maybe spending a really long time on a bike. Being in the middle of nowhere for weeks on end, sleeping under the stars, and going days without seeing or speaking to another person is a great way to regroup and get focused on what is really important. I can almost guarantee that you’ll come out of half-time ready to kick ass in a Chuck Norris kind of way!

This was my mid-life “crisis.” Actually, one of the best things I’ve ever done.

YouTube video
YouTube: Great Divide Mountain Bike Route; 3,000 miles, 65 days along the Rocky Mountains from Canada to Mexico


Cars are never worth the expense and energy that people assign to them. It is especially sad when people think that their car says something about who they are. “Hey, I’m a red sports car. Look at me!” Sad, just sad. Mid-life crisis written all over it.

If a car represents “mid-life crisis” better than anything else, then I nominate a bicycle to represent the opposite of a mid-life crisis.

The Good Life!