Biking through the Plague

Often it seems that it takes some great crisis to make us realize that no matter what, our health is always the most important thing there is.

Yes, of course economic stress can be a huge negative factor in people’s lives. Probably, one of the biggest negative factors. However, I believe, if your health goes bad, nothing else ultimately really matters. Those who suggest that the economic downturn is worse than the public health crisis see things a lot differently than I do.

Also, those who don’t do even the minimal to keep social distance and avoid the possibility of making the situation worse are not helpful, uncivil, and don’t appear to be conscious of anything that actually matters.

Well, besides health, one other thing matters, possibly even more than anything else: Helping others.

I’ve been so amazed at stories of selfless health professionals, dedicated public safety officers, and grocery workers who go so far beyond the sacrifice that most people are willing to make for others. It’s heartening and helps restore faith in humanity. Now more than ever, we need this faith restored. Thanks to everyone who is helping to flatten the curve, and especially to those who are helping others!

If you’re trying to remain healthy, and especially if you’re helping others, there’s another thing you can do to improve both your physical and mental health in these dark times: Get out alone in nature and ride like hell! Most lock-down rules allow for exercising outside as long as you maintain a safe distance and don’t go out in groups. In fact many health organizations and advocacy groups are promoting the need to get out and exercise, especially now. Plus, there are a lot fewer cars on the road and always a good thing for us bikers.

I’ve written previously about Creating Your Own Copenhagen, meaning to find the best bike routes between your home and work, or shopping, etc. I also believe it’s important to Create Your Own Alaska, and find the best routes to get from your home to as far into Nature as possible. Everywhere I’ve ever lived I’ve always had my favorite paths that get me out of the city and into somewhere quiet and beautiful. I’ve been doing a lot of that since the lock-downs started.

It may be towards the mountains and forests …

Or, it may be towards the oceans or other water …

Or, just getting out into the country …

Whichever way you go, being in Nature is the best way to cleanse your soul and keep your health. Life goes on. Even on top of a dead stump!

Ride On! Keep your Distance! And Be Healthy!