1. Use a bike as your primary form of transportation

You can use your bike as your primary form of transportation with a minimal commitment of equipment. Start small, but start biking to work once a week, then more. Get some saddle bags (panniers) and a rain jacket. Start doing little trips to the store on your bike. Before you know it, you won’t think twice about using your bike as your primary mode of travel.


2. Scale down

Biking is indicative of doing more with less. If you’re committing to biking more, also consider other ways you can lower your impact and raise your quality of life. Don’t get bogged down in stuff. It won’t all fit on your bike anyway. Less is more!


3. Take active recreation seriously

Active life is addictive. Indulge in it. Have fun. Biking is just a gateway drug to all kinds of other active pursuits.


4. Be a force for good

We’re not in a war with cars. Don’t be a hater. Negative energy only leads to negative things. Be positive. Be a good example. Follow the laws so that others don’t hate you and all other riders.


Why I bike

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