The Rider of the Rueful Countenance

My Quixotic Quest

I seek a world where there are more bikes on the roads and trails and fewer highways full of cars. I want to live on a planet that my dog would be proud of--with lots of non-motorized travel, exploration, and adventure. What else matters?


As Don Quixote prepares for his first sally from his habitation, it is noted: "he could no longer resist the desire of executing his design; reflecting with impatience, on the injury his delay occasioned in the world, where there was abundance of grievances to be redressed, wrongs to be rectified, errors amended, abuses to be reformed, and doubts to be removed."

The Rider of the Rueful Countenance has now sallied forth many times throughout Europe and North America, including the Great Divide, all over greater Germany, the Rockies, Ireland, France, Italy, and the Alps, as well as the Elven countries and the realms beyond. He hopes soon to travel to Byzantium under the banner of Dianna the Huntress and to enter the Kingdom of Dionysius in Halicarnassus, if the Gods are willing.

My Nom de Velo

After Sancho Panza first calls Don Quixote the knight of the rueful countenance, he responds: "The sage who is destined to write the history of my exploits, hath thought proper that I should assume some appellation, by the example of former knights .... [and this] appellation that henceforward I adopt: and that it may suit me the better, I am resolved to have a most woeful figure painted upon my shield."


But my given name is Patrick son of Diarmid and I currently reside in Santa Cruz, in Car-ifornia, a land of some potential, but currently under the yoke of servitude to the automobile. Together, with my trusty steed, Rozinante, we aspire to change that.

David St. Hubbins, Nigel Tufnel, and Derek Smalls

  We love this blog so much! It reminds us of what it felt like when Spinal Tap was changing the world--one fan at a time. Ride On!