I want to save the world. What should I do?

Chuck Norris knows. Just read this.

I'd like to start biking to work. How do I find a safe route?

Even if you live in a place that doesn't seem very bike-friendly, there are ways you can take advantage of whatever bike infrastructure does exist. Also, you can plan where you live to be conducive to bikability. Read more here.

How can I feel safe biking on the streets?

There are a few basic rules for bike safety. You can learn about them here.

What is Bikolosophy?

Well, Grasshopper (said in kung fu voice), there's a lot to know. Lucky you; I've got everything you need here.

What's so cool about the Amish?

I'm really glad you asked that. Find out here.

Are there any dumb questions?

Yes, just try me.

What is your favorite color?

That's one.

Does it hurt to ride on a really hard bike seat?

Only for the first two weeks.